What is VLC?



How is VLC different from Online Learning?


How can VLC help my school/organization?






  • KVSA Event

    The VLC will be showcased November 1st at the Kennebec Valley Superintendent's Association sponsored event:

    “Great Things Happen In Our Public Schools!”

    This event is an Interactive Event with students and teachers from across 17+ school systems in the KVSA (Kennebec Valley Superintendent’s Association) who will showcase some of the excellent programs we offer our students ages BIRTH TO ADULT!


  • Award for Innovation and Collaboration

    The RSU #3 Adult & Community Education Program has been awarded the 2013 United States Conference in Adult Literacy Award for Program Innovation and Collaboration. This award will be presented to the program in October 2013 at the national conference.



Virtual Learning Center


When it comes to the VLC there are terms that are used that may not be common to everyone's vocabulary. 

Below are some terms that are used and how they are defined pertaining to the VLC.





Avatar An avatar is the digital character that you can customize that represents you within the VLC.
Levels Levels are different locations/areas within the VLC.  Some of the levels we currently have are: KVCC, MVHS, DOL.  
Pegasus Transit Authority The Pegasus Transit Authority is the method in which you can transition your avatar between levels.  Why a Pegasus?  Because anything is possible.
Teleport Teleporting allows you to instantly move from your current position within the VLC to another popular spot, such as a classroom.  


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