What is VLC?



How is VLC different from Online Learning?


How can VLC help my school/organization?






  • KVSA Event

    The VLC will be showcased November 1st at the Kennebec Valley Superintendent's Association sponsored event:

    “Great Things Happen In Our Public Schools!”

    This event is an Interactive Event with students and teachers from across 17+ school systems in the KVSA (Kennebec Valley Superintendent’s Association) who will showcase some of the excellent programs we offer our students ages BIRTH TO ADULT!


  • Award for Innovation and Collaboration

    The RSU #3 Adult & Community Education Program has been awarded the 2013 United States Conference in Adult Literacy Award for Program Innovation and Collaboration. This award will be presented to the program in October 2013 at the national conference.



Virtual Learning Center

How can VLC help my school/organization?


The VLC combines all of the benefits of online courses with the social interactions of a physical classroom.  Enable your student to learn as if they are in a classroom and with the ease and convenience of simply being online.


The great thing about VLC is that it will integrate with virtually any online course system you want to use.

Already have an online course system? Great.  We can integrate right into VLC.

Just have some website you use? We can do that too!  we can link the within VLC.


Money.  Everyone knows that money doesn't grow on trees, so the more you can save the better. VLC can save you money in many ways:

Transportation There is no need for transportation costs since the classroom can be where ever the student is.
Facility Electric, heating, and space rental bills got you down? Those will be things of the past.
Salary With VLC you should be able to handle more students per instructor which would decrease salary costs.


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